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App Science releases 2023 U.S Audience Trends Report Highlighting Diverse Audiences and CTV, Mobile Interests

March 21, 2023

Insights into disparities in SVOD/AVOD affinity and behavior for marketers

TORONTO, March 21, 2023 -- Sabio Holdings Inc. (TSXV: SBIO)(OTCQX: SABOF) (the "Company" or "Sabio"), a leading provider of connected TV ("CTV")/over-the-top ("OTT") advertising platforms validated by performance, today announced that its wholly-owned App Science™ ("App Science") business has released its 2023 U.S. Audience Trends Report: Life of a Streamer.

2023 U.S. Audience Trends Report: Life of a Streamer examines connected audiences' streaming habits, including their top streaming apps, genres, and channels, as well as a view of streaming audiences' mobile app affinities and other mobile signals.

"The U.S. population continues to change at a rapid pace and is increasingly more diverse, and the streaming total market is a reflection of this change," said Jon Stimmel, Chief Growth Officer. "Streaming audiences are not all the same, and we hope to help advertisers gain perspective on these key consumers through a different lens."

The report emphasizes the diversity within streaming audiences, providing insights for the total market and seven diverse ethnic groups, including Hispanic/Latino, Black/African American, Asian, Middle Eastern, Native American/Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian/Polynesian, and White. The report identifies individual interests for each audience via an index score compared to the total market. This highlights opportunities for advertisers to reach diverse audiences.

Unique to App Science is a proprietary Household Graph that pairs CTV and mobile data to provide advertisers with richer audience insights that go beyond traditional demographics.

"Signals from our smart phones are powerful data points for understanding individual preferences, interests, and circumstances," added Helen Lum, EVP of App Science. "Advertisers can use streaming audiences' mobile app affinities to better understand these audiences and refine their marketing approach."

The report also took a closer look at viewers who prefer Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD) or Advertising-based Video on Demand (AVOD) platforms, comparing them against one another. The report found that viewers who skew towards using SVOD platforms exhibit "loyalist" attributes as they are more likely to use other loyalty or membership programs in retail and travel than their AVOD-viewing counterparts. Conversely, an AVOD viewer is more likely to be budget conscious and prefer using free ad-supported platforms and apps.

The report identified PlutoTV, Netflix, and Tubi as the total market's top streaming apps. It also found that Hispanic/Latino and Middle Eastern audiences show similar preferences in streaming habits, as their top indexed streaming apps are almost identical. However, Hispanic audiences have the highest affinity towards gaming content and are 8 times as likely to watch this genre than the total market.

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Data for this report is sourced using App Science's proprietary 55 million validated people-based Household Graph, which is powered by human behavioral signals from mobile and CTV device databases and enhanced with third party consumer data. Preferences towards viewers streaming habits, mobile apps, and brand visitations are analyzed amongst ethnically diverse audiences and compared to the total market. Additionally, preferences among preferred users of SVOD and AVOD are analyzed and compared against each other. Data is presented using a ranking system and an Odds Ratio index score with a baseline of 100.

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